So today i was on a lil safari in my own little garden looking for the Pink Fuel Deer’s eating it up. They are hard to find and they are magical creatures that change colors and size.
I looked everywhere for them, but still couldent find them anywhere.
I looked and
i looked and
i looked.
But no where to be found.
But then this cute magical butterfly came and with my awesome camera in my hand i jumped up to get a picture of it.

I used the rest of the day to find the PinkFuel deer’s eating up my garden, but still couldent find them. So i just ended up standing up and down and waiting for them to come out of hideing.
I made funny noises to see if they would peek out to see what it was… but still notting… just birds singing in the trees..

I waited and waited but still notting…. so i got bored….

Waited even longer and i just got more and more bored of waiting for them to come out… so im just gonna give you my outfit details till next time when i might have found the deers 😉

Skin – :Curio: Petal-April-Rainbow
Ears – :GAUGED: Elven Ears[Sanrio]
Hair  – PR!TTY : Runway Model Hair :Brunette:

Bag – {Cherry} Hannah Vintage Messenger Bag
Camera – Nyloid Camera Super Color 1000

Jacket – Meriken Co. “Josephine” (for female)
Tee/corset – mijn.t [Je m’apelle Marlene] corset in Pale – DU III
Pants – Meriken Co. MKRpants Purple
Shoes – DU<3-ANEXX_VaudevillianShoes/Black_[BOX]

❤ Nara