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So Hello again my fashionistas 🙂

So today im gonna talk about this pink fuel skin called
[PF] Elly <Milk> – Amaterasu
and this skin you can only get at The circle project.
I really must say that the new not yet out Elly skin line from Pink Fuel really is perfection.
That is my opinion of it.
Like the body is my new drool object and everything about the skin is aaaaaamaaaziiiiing!!
What i really look at when i want a new skin is that i love the lips, butt and boobies on skins and omg i heeeart this skiiin.
The make up on this skin is allso awesome and i love how its inspired by the sun godess in japanese mythology.
I’m really exited too see what other awesome make up options Mochi Milena will do on this future pink fuel skins 😀
Since she seriously is out doing herself with everything she creates!
*claps* Thanks Mochi for creating  perfection 😀

So then back to the rest of this outfit 😀
i think its really cute and a little geeky and i really cant take off this jacket from Niniko.
This jacket you can only get at the Late summer sale ( i think ).
This sale has alot of cool stuff and really is worth going too.
The dress is a cute highwaist dress with a adorable shirt attached too it  from NoaR.
Then its the headphones from Boon that i have been drooling at for months but never really bought them since they where a little
but this time i just couldent resist and just bought them since they are awesome, this headphones u can find in the outlate section and in diffrent cool styles.

Last but not least
the pose is from Olive Juice

And for now thank you for reading and hope you will be back 😉



Hello again my fashonistas!
Right now im gonna talk about this amazing skins from Mynerva.
This skins are really one of my fav skins right now  i love everything about them.
I have 2 other skins from this line i got some days ago and i really loved them too even tho they had a downstairs bush that im not really a fan of.. hehe.. it allso looked a lil like u had streatch marks on the arms when u perved the skin at the close up.. But i must say i love them anyways…
But then when i was cheacking out the Summer Of Love Fair, my friend and blogger of Life of a SL nerd showed me where the skins was and i was so happy.
I tried on the demo and loved it, she had changed the skins a lil except the face that was perfect, and the skin ended up being flawless
I can honestly say i think this skins are perfect
and i have notting bad to say about them since they really are perfect!
So i bow down for you, Rhapzody Wilde , for making this amazing skins, and i cant allmost wait till you make more
Since everything about it is so well made and  amazing.

The fair is not open yet for the public but it will be very soon!
and really, you will love it

[Update] Rhapzody has done a body update on her other skins that was sold at her store, so now her whole skin line has that perfect and flawless look 😀  Thanks Rhapzody 😀

So when i came back home on saturday i got an awesome surprise,
Pink Fuel had relesed the skin many of us have been drooling over on Mochi Milena’s Flickr since she started posting up pictures of tests of the new skin she was doing since november.
We have all been draging our hairs out waiting for this skin to come out.
and here it is 😀

So  the new Ember skin really is amazing i love it,
but i personlly think that the lips where a lil width.
I like big lips, my avi has big lips xD  lol.. but its was a lil 😦  that even if i changed my shape and got my lip width too 0 it still looked width…. hehe…
i allso liked the ass shadings on the pink fuel skin skye more then this one because it didnt have that butt cleavage effect as skye had xD  hehe… i like butt cleavage xD
Other then that the skin line was amazing 😀
The make ups where gorgeous,

only thing i missed was the make up Mochi had put up on her flickr stream as a test, The Gyaru. I know that the skin allso was some of my friends fav..
But who knows, when tho it didnt come out with the Ember Skin line it might come out with “ Elly ” (if that will be the name of it) or any other skin lines pink fuel will come out with 😀

So my next to die for skin now is the skin Mochi Milena is doing for the guys 😀
Like everytime i look at this picture of this skin its like *droooooool*
its F-ing Amazing xD
So i hope it comes out soon.

Take your trip to Pink Fuel and get the skin now 😉

have a great day everybody
and have a great summer