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Hello all my fashionistas 😀

Sorry i havent been blogging much.
Havent really been much on SL lately because i have been doing other stuff in RL.
So damn it.. im starting to get a life 😛

anyways… its alot of cool stuff you can buy right now in SL.
and one of my fav things right now is this new jacket from coco 😀  woohoo
❤ it
Its allso all this new awesome stuff at Lelutka now, and this ankle boots is one of my fav 😀
Then SixyNine came out with awesomly cute hair 😀   and im soo want them all :Q___ *drools*
So if you are apart of the ” SixtyNine ” update group, you can get it now and buy it, if not you can pay 300L and join the group or wait till the end of the week 🙂
And you will end up looking awesomly cute 😀

But sorry for making this short today.
But have to go 🙂

So ttyl
hope to see you soon,
and if you have any questions leave a message or leave a NC inworld



Hello again my smexy fashionistas 😉

So today its all about the pink for me,
pink its one of my many fav colors

and when i was surfing the interwebs for stuff i took a little trip into Maitreyas blog and saw that they ahve gotten there sexy shanti shoes in hot pink and i was head over heels for them and took the first tp there to get them, isent they cute?   i just love them.. hehehe… And as many might know since im allways commenting something or asking about something in
the Fashion Emergancy group it was there my fall in love with my skin after one of the awesome fashionistas was showing us about something.. and there i came across a blog where the girl was blogging the new Ducth touch skin XaYa… and i really cant discribe how much i allmost drool over myself in this skin, heheh, since its so sexy, i had some problems finding out what make up option i was gonna pick but for now it came to the Cute skin since after my bestfriend pointed out that i needed that skin even tho many people said another make up option i listend to my bestfriend, hehe.. even tho we dont really have the same taste in clothes at all 😛  but yeah yeah, i love you jez ❤ hehe, we all need to listen to our friends sometimes.
But another reasone for that this skin won is that it has another make up option too, that one is called cutepink and that option had a lip color that is in a nude pink look, and its amazing.
Then when i logged in to SL today i saw that Lelutka is out with new hair…. WOOHOOO!!  and the Olja hair won my heart since its so smexy, they have 5 new hair styles that you all should go and take a look at since they are all awesome.
Lelutka is allso out with a collection of bags and purses that is amazing, and with this look i wanted this cute clutch in purple called Salento.
Then its the striped roxe dress from Emery, its not really new but its one of there newest stuff in the store and i still love it since its sexy and some how makes me feel a lil wild… hehe.. i dont know why, might be the prison stripes xD
Then last but not least the sexy Waterbeck hat from Theosophy, as i might have said in a earlier post is that i really love hats…  dont really like them in Real life since i allways manage to lose them some how.. hehe…
but since this is SL and things really get stuck to you i love them here xD
Theosopy actually have alot of other new stuff out in there store too so you should really take a trip 🙂
And then something i have forgotten to write about in the picture, its the belt im wearing the belt is from and the pose is from VPoses.

But for now thanks for reading 🙂
and see you soon again

So am back again and this time in some sexy lingerie!

Yesterday i got a nc from blacklace with pictures of there new lingerie, and by first glance i was in love.
Specially in “Frenchy”.
I have allways been a fan of old fashion lingerie like this,
Its sexy and it gives you that glamoures wawawoom style.

Then its the hair,
and i was in love as fast as i got on flickr to perv pictures,
This cute hair is just omnomnomnom, and its totally smexy.
Kinda make me feel like a naughty schoolgirl.
Truth is allso out with alot of other new hair styles that people really should cheack out.

The belt im wearing is apart of another outfit i got at the dressing room i think, im not even sure, since i got it last week or the week before and by that time and now i have done alot of shopping.. heheh

The Stilettos im wearing is one of my fav and it kinda reminds me a little of  Maitreya Gold’s Allure with the zipper in the back, that is just sexy, so this shoes are a cheaper choise of the Allure once if you want something like it

All in all i like todays outfit very much.
It makes me feel smexy, but who wouldent in sexy lingerie like this 😉

So this is gonna be quicky post.. hehe.. sometimes you need to do a quicky to keep the blogging going and the people comming 😛
I see is some items missing in the picture as the skin that is VERY important.. i think anyways… as a blogger i really wanna blog everything that im wearing and just not write something about it, and thats why im really gonna put up some links and pictures on a own page on my blog for poses, since i have been really bad at telling people what poses im using, and pose makers need some love too from the bloggers since i see its many bloggers that actually forget to put in what poses they have used in there pictures and that is a lil 😦  since we all wanna take pictures and have a awesome pose doing it ^^  so soon a page for the pose makers will come up on my page 🙂   yaaaay… heheh…

One more thing… the hair im wearing on the picture is from Heartcore, but it seems like heartcore might have gotten out of the gride since me and some of my friends have been looking for the store but we cant find it so we guess its hopped off… but if you know where the store is hiding i REALLY REAAAAALLY wanna know where, since i really did love that store 😀   and we hope its back up soon 🙂

Ps, the pose im using now is from =IZUMIYA=, and the skin is from PinkFuel   🙂

For now…
Nara ❤