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Hello fashionistas 😀

So the annual shoe fair is going on now, and let me say if  you havent been there you need to go there the 4 sims its going on in looks amazing, so posh and classy. What i have heard tho is that if your not using SL viewer 2 you will have problems being there for some resonse, so remember to jump on viewer 2 before starting your big  shoe shopping 😀

So to the outfit.
I have been loving the fact its been totally summer weather here in Norway now, and that means i just needed to have a summer look 😀  and since i change clothes alot in SL, i did 2 outfits 😀
But i’m not gonne type to much xD  So here is the outfit details 😀


Skin – .: vive9 :. Ginta in Satin Tone – Base
Make up – PIDIDDLE – EyeLiner – Wings
Eyes – [LeLutka]-Ellis Eyes-Marina
Hair – (Gift) lamb. Group Gift

Jacket – {mon tissu} Porter Jean Jacket – Original
Top – –[LeLutka]-FILOMINA Top/Electric Blueberry (Its the bra that follows the top)
Shorts – {mon tissu} Shorts – Minx – Pastel Blue ( New )
Shoes – [ m ] Le Plateau Heel Pink White


Skin – .: vive9 :. Ginta in Satin Tone – Base
Make up – ~Mynerva V2~Eyeshadows+Eyeliner
PIDIDDLE – Shut it Down LipColor – Kozmetika Opening Gift
Eyes – [LeLutka]-Ellis Eyes-Marina
Hair – [Anaphora]_Bajka_Naturals

Jacket – (Milk Motion) My  blazer (yellow) (50Lfriday)
Top – {mon tissu} Lace Crop Top – White ( New )
Shorts – {mon tissu} Shorts – Greta – Used
Shoes – [LeLutka]-K.I.A.-DeepCapri ( New @ Shoe fair )
Necklace – undefined lilies – de olde goods (flowers)

So thats the outfit 😀  hope you liked it and thanks for reading 😉


Hello Fashionistas ;]
Im semi back to SL now and that meant i just needed to start blogging again too, but i started with a new look for the blog :]  and i think its cool, just makes me sad i cant have my pictures bigger then this like i could on the old blog theme.. but whatever xD  im posting this on flickr too if anybody wanne look at it bigger.
But back to the outfit 😀

I was at the skin and shape expo today and in the Tres Blah store i saw Sanya Bilavio the owner of Vive9, and let me say she looked stunning and one thing she was wearing i couldent take my eyes of was the SL version of jeffrey campbell’s  “Lita” boots like oh my god i thought i was gonne die, so i ended up being sneaky and inspected the boots xD  yeah yeah  i know, but she looked so busy so didnt wanne bug her xD But then i saw that she was actually the maker of the shoes, so i should have allmost just IM her and tell her she was amazing for making thoes boots in SL xD But if anybody knows her or if your reading this Sanya i just wanne say THANK YOU THANK YOU THAAAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOU!!!!!.
I allso stood maybe 1 hour or something in the store just to pick out what colour i wanted, but i want them all and will eventually have all of them xD  it will just take some time since im not rich, but the boots still dont have a bad price on them since its totally worth the lindens, so for now i just bought them in silver sparkle and black 😀
But enought talk about the amazing  ” Rita ” boots from Vive9 and back to the outfit info!

– Body –

Hair – [u] Demi – Black
Skin – Curio :GP: Swan Jasmine – Golden rabbit

– Clothes –

Shirt – **DP**yumyum shirt 02
Pants – .: vive9 :. Vinyl & Leather Pants in Black
Boots –.: vive9 :. RITA Boots in SilverSparkle

So thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed the post :]

Hello all my fashionistas 😀
Its been allmost a month since last time,
and thats why i wanted to do 2 outfits for you today,
and i wanted to try something new out since i finally got photoshop xD
But the picture isent that good, but im still working on my skills when it comes to this program 😀
Mother Goose’s is out with some awesome new skins, even tho i think they do look kinda similar i still love them and love them sooo much 😀
The skin to the left is the new skin from mother goose’s called Midori and i love how it has that open lip mouth that is very popular in sl now, and its allso very cute 😀
The skin on the right is one of the little older once called Hena and i love the mouth on this skin too 😀  when it comes to skins i really love the pouty lips.

I have allso been having this hat period lately and im soooooooo loving the fur hat with the bunny ears that is a FREE group gift at  COCO right now, and i mean it people  go and get it!!  since its just adorable and one of my fav items this winter 😀
The cool joker caps is from DEF! and its very cool 😀 and allso something all hat lovers should have 😀

Lamb is one of my fav places to get hair and they are allso out with a new hair called Cinnamon and i really love this hair since i love the whole pink hair, this hair was editing ALOT for it to fit my caps so you really should take a trip too Lamb too take a look at it its amazing 😀
The other hair im wearing is allso from lamb but its a little older hair called soot 😀 and its perfect as a hat hair since its not relly big and if you want to edit it its not alot of work, it allso has a showing and not showing options for ears 😀 personly i like showing of my ears when i wear this hair xD  since its so cute 😀

Before i end this post , i wanna say that the top im wearing on the left is apart of a fifty linden friday with the stockings im wearing on the right from Luxuria.
The bunny make up im wearing on the left is from Duboo and the shirt im wearing on the right is a Le.Look exclusive item from whippet & buck


Anyways 😀
For today good bye all my fashionistas 😀
And hope too see you here again 😀
If any questions just notecard me inworld or post a comment 😀
Now thanks for reading and have a great day 😉



Hello all my fashionistas 😀

Sorry i havent been blogging much.
Havent really been much on SL lately because i have been doing other stuff in RL.
So damn it.. im starting to get a life 😛

anyways… its alot of cool stuff you can buy right now in SL.
and one of my fav things right now is this new jacket from coco 😀  woohoo
❤ it
Its allso all this new awesome stuff at Lelutka now, and this ankle boots is one of my fav 😀
Then SixyNine came out with awesomly cute hair 😀   and im soo want them all :Q___ *drools*
So if you are apart of the ” SixtyNine ” update group, you can get it now and buy it, if not you can pay 300L and join the group or wait till the end of the week 🙂
And you will end up looking awesomly cute 😀

But sorry for making this short today.
But have to go 🙂

So ttyl
hope to see you soon,
and if you have any questions leave a message or leave a NC inworld


Hello all my fashionistas 😀
So today i did a joined blog post with my friend and fellow blogger Cupcake Panthar.
So that means the other half of this post will be at Cupcake’s blog 😉
I allso need to say sorry for the bad graphic for this picture, since i have just done a System recovery on my laptop so i ahvent like downloaded the newest drivers yet and etc xD   anyways… its not perfect.. hehe

As the Designers united 4 have been going on i have been a big fan, since i seem to not stop shopping stuff from there, i wish i could buy everything but im no rich person xD hehe
btw im allso very sorry for the fact you cant get this crown anymore Dx
i thought you could but when i was looking for a SLurl right now for the store i found out Meembee is closed 😦
So sorry if this became a inconvenience.
So here is the rest of the SLurls

Designers United 4

Hair Fair


Pink Fuel

Hope you got everything to go shopping now 😀
and thanks for reading ❤


Hello all my fashionistas 😀

So today i gonna do a quicky.
Right now a new round of the Designers United is going on and they have amazing stuff there.
Yesterday i got this sexy but totally cute dress from Boom,
not only do you get the sexy dress but you allso get the flowers and the mirror with it, and i love it xD
Then its the amazing Skin from Tres Blah that you can allso get at the DU4, and i honestly LOVE IT.
The make up on this skin is amazing and i cant even say how much i love this skin xD
The hair i got from the Hair fair and i love this hair too, its so adorable and it kinda reminds me of my RL hair except the color of it.. hehe…
so WOOHOOO for that.
The shoes i got from the shoe fair but you can get it at the Kookie now 🙂
So everybody,
here is the SLurls
So take that tp and shop shop shop 😛


Hair Fair


Thanks for reading and hope you come back again 😀
btw im allso apart of another blog with diffrent other great bloggers
so take a look if you want

and btw im not so vain that it sounds like xD hehe


So hello again my fashionistas.

So since im totally saving up as much money as i can to the hairfair that starts this weekend.
I decided to just find something in my inventory and make the best of it.
So i decided to go for this jacket from BomBon.
This jacket has actually been in my inventory a really long time now and i use to wear it alot, but then i forgot about it and when my bf was looking for a jacket like it i remeberd it again 😀
I wish the jacket had a open look too, but its getting cold in the air now so i dont mind that its buttoned up.. hehehe
The socks im wearing was actually a gift at the same store once but i dont think u can get it anymore.
The plaid Skirt im wearing from Spexx i might have had now for like 2 years and i still love it like crazy.. hehehe…
I actually have no clue if the store is still opend but i do hope so since if its not its kinda stupid of me to blog it and nobody cant get there hands on this awesome skirt.
Then its the skin.
Yesterday i was looking at myself for hours to see if i liked this skin, i asked my bf what he thought of it, but he just said  “its cute”  and then he said it kinda looked like some of the other skins i have, and that might be true… but…  you dont see it on this skin… but it has a glitter make up choise……  like… hello…. Glitter…  So when he whent to bed i whent to buy it xD heheh…  Im such a shop-a-holic… But so is he so wooohooo!!
Btw his shop-a-holic’ness will be feautured in my blog soon.
I have allso some projects with some other bloggers comming up soon that i think will be fun.
So this is gonna be exciting.

But for now
bye bye 🙂
and hope to see you here again


[Update] The eyebrows is a tattoo layer from LAQ in brown

So Hello again my fashionistas 🙂

So today im gonna talk about this pink fuel skin called
[PF] Elly <Milk> – Amaterasu
and this skin you can only get at The circle project.
I really must say that the new not yet out Elly skin line from Pink Fuel really is perfection.
That is my opinion of it.
Like the body is my new drool object and everything about the skin is aaaaaamaaaziiiiing!!
What i really look at when i want a new skin is that i love the lips, butt and boobies on skins and omg i heeeart this skiiin.
The make up on this skin is allso awesome and i love how its inspired by the sun godess in japanese mythology.
I’m really exited too see what other awesome make up options Mochi Milena will do on this future pink fuel skins 😀
Since she seriously is out doing herself with everything she creates!
*claps* Thanks Mochi for creating  perfection 😀

So then back to the rest of this outfit 😀
i think its really cute and a little geeky and i really cant take off this jacket from Niniko.
This jacket you can only get at the Late summer sale ( i think ).
This sale has alot of cool stuff and really is worth going too.
The dress is a cute highwaist dress with a adorable shirt attached too it  from NoaR.
Then its the headphones from Boon that i have been drooling at for months but never really bought them since they where a little
but this time i just couldent resist and just bought them since they are awesome, this headphones u can find in the outlate section and in diffrent cool styles.

Last but not least
the pose is from Olive Juice

And for now thank you for reading and hope you will be back 😉


Hello all my fashionistas 😉

So today i have great news, that will go hard over the lindens.
For when i logged into Sl today i got some awesome news in the best group to be in fashion emergancy
And there i found out Maitreya is having a SALE!!!
i know right!
The sale is a 50% off and gonna last a week and i do believe it started last night.
And let me tell you.
I whent nuts in this sale since i thought it was just for today and i was so happy it would last a week since i will be dropping in every day just buying something awesome from that store.
Onyx i must say
You just made my week xD
But you allso will make me broke xD
But its so worth it 😀
Since its

So you know the top im wearing u cant really see much of it but its AMAZING… its both cute and sexy so its a must have.
Its allso apart of the stumblebum brigade and will only be out for a week so tp to Kyoot and get it now 😉

But for now
Thank you for reading
hope to see you again 🙂


Hello again my fashionistas!
Im gonna do this fast 😉

Plastik is out with a new skin now and let me say its amazing!  i love the Warpaint and GameFace skin!
and  you cant really see it in this position but the ass on this skin is omnomnomnom.
so a great skin for bootylicious people 😀

You can get a closer look at the face of the skin if u just click the  picture 😀

But now i need to say bye bye :]
hope you all have a great day or night and see you again soon i hope ❤