This is Naraza Nightfire.
People call her Nara, Nar,Naz,Nazzy and all kinda wierd shit!
She is 22 years old, even to she sometimes acts like she is still 12.

Naraza loves to go shopping, she only wish she had more lindens.

But she has a bad habbit of shopping when she is bored, and that happens alot sometimes.
When she is not out spending money for outfits,
she spends her time with her friends and boyfriend.

Naraza loves to decorate her home,
only problem is that she change her home allmost once a month.
*shakes head*
Thats not good
Dont you agree?

But for now my friends,
Thanks for reading
hope to see you again soon.

– The voices from Nara’s head says Byebye –

– dont worrie, im not crazy –

….. yet….