Hello Fashionistas ;]
Im semi back to SL now and that meant i just needed to start blogging again too, but i started with a new look for the blog :]  and i think its cool, just makes me sad i cant have my pictures bigger then this like i could on the old blog theme.. but whatever xD  im posting this on flickr too if anybody wanne look at it bigger.
But back to the outfit 😀

I was at the skin and shape expo today and in the Tres Blah store i saw Sanya Bilavio the owner of Vive9, and let me say she looked stunning and one thing she was wearing i couldent take my eyes of was the SL version of jeffrey campbell’s  “Lita” boots like oh my god i thought i was gonne die, so i ended up being sneaky and inspected the boots xD  yeah yeah  i know, but she looked so busy so didnt wanne bug her xD But then i saw that she was actually the maker of the shoes, so i should have allmost just IM her and tell her she was amazing for making thoes boots in SL xD But if anybody knows her or if your reading this Sanya i just wanne say THANK YOU THANK YOU THAAAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOU!!!!!.
I allso stood maybe 1 hour or something in the store just to pick out what colour i wanted, but i want them all and will eventually have all of them xD  it will just take some time since im not rich, but the boots still dont have a bad price on them since its totally worth the lindens, so for now i just bought them in silver sparkle and black 😀
But enought talk about the amazing  ” Rita ” boots from Vive9 and back to the outfit info!

– Body –

Hair – [u] Demi – Black
Skin – Curio :GP: Swan Jasmine – Golden rabbit

– Clothes –

Shirt – **DP**yumyum shirt 02
Pants – .: vive9 :. Vinyl & Leather Pants in Black
Boots –.: vive9 :. RITA Boots in SilverSparkle

So thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed the post :]