First i wanna say Thank you for everybody that has every sent me any review copies or is thinking of giving me some review copies.I feel very privileged to be in a position to get so much great stuff from creatores out there.

But one thing people need to know is that i do not blog everything, but even tho i dont, it dont mean its not good.
Since i dress myself up after my mood or the inspiration i get.
But dont worry even tho it might not be in my blog right now it might be apart of some outfit later.

Something very important is that your items is more then just a jacket layer.
I understand its in a jacket layer if its a jacket but if its a shirt and its in only a jacket layer it problly wont be blogged in the fact its that since i most of the time i use all my layers when i blog a outfit

When it comes to skins and hair i like the lighter tones of the skins and i mostely wear black and brown hair, But i do love colorful hair styles too but it depends on the hair.

If you want me to blog for your store, IM me and give me a LM to your store and let me take a look at your stuff, If its something that i really wanna be apart, i would love to be one of your store bloggers, but understand this, i will try and blog as much of the stuff that will fit my style, but i cant blog everything

If you have any other questions you can IM me ( Naraza Nightfire ) if im online, if u see my auto response  or im offline  leave a NC 🙂